Welcome to the CRlncRNA, a databse for cancer related LncRNA

CRlncRNA is an integrated knowledge database dedicated to cancer-related human long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), which is freely accessible to all users. LncRNA refers to a class of pervasively transcribed RNA molecules longer than 200 nucleotides that do not encode protein. There is emerging evidence that lncRNAs can be involved in various critical biological processes, and play important roles in a wide range of tumorigenesis. To illuminate lncRNA roles in cancer development and prognosis and provide further support for incorporating lncRNAs into the future clinical trials, we established CRlncRNA database. After manually reviewing more than 3000 published literatures, the current version of CRlncRNA embodied 355 entries of Cancer-related lncRNAs, covering 1072 cancer-lncRNA associations in regard of 76 types of cancer. In CRlncRNA, we also provided the tools for browsing, searching and download against all data, as well as online BLAST service and genome browse server.

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CRlncRNA is developed by the Liu Lab at XTBG, CAS. Any comments and suggestions, please E-mail us.


  • The CRlncRNA download center was updated. [12/6/2017]
  • A new domain name is available: http://crlnc.xtbg.ac.cn/. [19/5/2017]
  • The first version of CRlncRNA was publicly released. [9/4/2017]
  • The online BLAST service was added to CRlncRNA. [27/3/2017]
  • The trial version of CRlncRNA was setup for in-house study. [16/10/2016]